Experts throughout the industry agree, if you’re thinking about buying a home, it’s a great time to invest in homeownership, even in a competitive market.

Homeownership has many perks

Homeownership is the American dream – not just because it has tangible financial benefits, but because it also has the power to change lives.The sense of security, stability, and success homeowners feel has far-reaching impacts, especially in a time like today, where the health crisis has made having a safe space to call home more important now than ever before. If the pandemic has changed what you’re looking for, homeownership can deliver the perks you want: financially, emotionally, and more.

"If you find something you like, that’s within your budget, and you plan to hold onto it for a few years, then buying a house might be cheaper than renting."

- Ralph McLaughlin, Chief Economist, Kukun

Mortgage rates are climbing

Early 2021 saw the lowest mortgage interest rates in recorded history. This season, however, rates are beginning to rise. When mortgage rates rise, it impacts affordability. Expert projections for 2022 indicate mortgage rates are expected to continue going up, meaning it will cost more to buy a home if you wait.

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